Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vintage Glamour...Jewels of the Week

As I peruse Wexford Antiques and begin to learn, or should I say discover the merchandise, I am finding inspiration just about everywhere. As a new dealer here in Pittsburgh, I am finding it difficult to resist the temptations throughout the store. One thing I can say for sure is that the vintage jewelery selection is top-notch and definitely deserves a shout out.. so much so, I will do it weekly.

What is so fabulous about vintage jewels is that they have impacted fashion in such a huge way that we see their inspiration in current pieces!

Hello men...what girl in your life wouldn't love one of these rhinestone brooches! All the more romantic because you can tell her you found it at the cutest little antique shop!

The best part is that most of the pieces just look like a splurge. You can find a spectacular addition to your jewelry box without breaking the bank!
Next week I will be featuring some fabulous bracelets!

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