Friday, December 30, 2011

West Germany Flow Blue Stein

West Germany  Flow Blue Stein (8")
Berlin Design
$45    Dealer John Z

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Antique Sugar Bucket

Antique Sugar Bucket
9" Tall
$68   Dealer Marino

Rare Early Tinware Jug

Early Tinware Jug
Wonderful Example Tinker's Trade
10", Rare
$110    Dealer Marino

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Signed Lisner Set, Pin & Earrings

Beautiful set by Lisner
2" Pin & Matching Earrings
$100   Dealer M&J

Signed Miriam Haskell Pin

Signed Miriam Hakell Pin
$49   Dealer OF

Early Treenware Rolling Pin

Early Treenware Rolling Pin
18" Long
$75    Dealer Marino

Monday, December 26, 2011

Antique Tea Leaf Teapot & Platter

                                                      Antique Tea Leaf
                                                       Teapot 9" High
                                                      $100 for the Pair
                                                          Dealer Jim T

Friday, December 23, 2011

4 Gallon Blue/Gray Crock

                                          Four Gallon Blue/Gray Crock
                                                 Single Flower Design
                                                       Large Handles
                                                  $295    Dealer Jim T.

McCoy Vase & McCoy Cookie Jar

                                          Two pieces of McCoy Pottery
                                                 10" Green Vase  ($75)  
                               Cookie Jar House Design, Roof Lifts Off (9"w)
                                                       Dealer Sue S.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Beautiful Van Briggle Lamp

                                 Wonderful Van Briggle Lamp, 11" Tall
                                                  $285   Dealer M&J

Antique Foundry Bellow

                      What a great piece! Antique blacksmith foundry bellow.
                                                  Measures 47" tall
                                                  $345   Dealer Dar

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Amber Store Jars/Tole Hand Painted Tray

                                     Two wonderful amber color store jars
                                                 17" High with lid   $195
                                                 15" High with lid   $165

                                         Antique Black Hand Painted Tray
                                                             22" w x 17"

                                                           Dealer Sue S

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Triple Plate Coffee & Creamer, 1874

                                        1874 Simpson, Hall & Miller Co.
                                           Triple Plate Oriental Design
                                                Coffe Pot (10")   $80
                                                  Creamer (6")  $50
                                                       Dealer FDL

Gorgeous Stain Glass Window

                     This beautiful window was designed and made by Jim Marino
                           the owner of our store.  The windows has wonderful
                   rich and vibrant with a beautiful swan in the middle of the window.

                                                        45" w x 21" h

Hobart Hanging Scale, #30

                                       Hobart Hanging Scale, #30, 26" High
                                                  Dealer M&J   $195

Sunday, December 11, 2011

1920's Hair Comb

                                           Really sweet hair comb, 4 1/2"
                                                      Circa 1920's
                                                  $20        Dealer Marino

Friday, December 9, 2011

Limoge Creamer & Sugar

                           Beautiful Set   Limoge Creamer & Sugar  (4 1/2" h)
                                                   $59   Dealer Dar

Staffordshire Inkwell & Quill Holder

                      Wonderful early piece of Staffordshire.  Inkwell & Quill holder
                                      Circa 1860     $150    Dealer Sue M.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Vintage Life Preserve

                                   Pontiac Yacht Club Life Preserve  (25"w)
                                                   $165   Dealer John Z

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Royal Bayreuth Hatpin Holder & Hair Receiver

Two wonderful pieces of Royal Bayreuth.  5" hair receiver
4 1/2" high hatpin holder both tapestry design.
Receiver $85 and Hatpin Holder $150
Dealers C&J & RTL

                  RECEIVER SOLD
                  Hatpin Holder Sold

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Signed, late 1800's Oil Painting

Beautiful signed oil painting, late 1800's.  Newly cleaned, unframed.
23" w x 26" h
$425    Dealer Sue S.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Indian Skookum Dolls

Wonderful 15" Indian Skookum Doll
Eyes turning towards the left
15" High
$175  Dealers OF/IA

                                         7" Skookum Doll, eyes turning left
                                         $95    Dealer Sue S.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Rockingham Pitcher, Beautiful Glaze

Beautiful Rockingham Pitcher (8")
Circa 1870
Dealer Marino

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

1879 Texas Hump Trunk

Wonderful warm  patina, beautiful condition
 Texas Hump Trunk
Lift out tray
36" w 28" h
$395   Dealer M&J

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Agate Toy Dishes, Chiquita

Wonderful Agate Toy Dishes, original box by Chiquita
$95   For sale by dealers C&J

Monday, November 28, 2011

Early 1833 Blanket Box

Wonderful Early Blanket Box
Initals W.D. McC. (William Dunn McCormick)
37" w x 16" h
Circa 1833
Hand Forged Stand has been made to hold this
special piece
Dealer OF

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Christmas has arrived at Wexford General Antique Store, we can help you with all your shopping needs.

Hours:Mon-Sat 10-5

Sunday 12-5


Thursday, July 21, 2011

Fostoria Amber Coin Glass

Fostoria Glasss Company was a leading glass company for almost 100 years. One of the most popular patterns is the design called Coin Glass. Maybe the idea came from government seals or maybe it was because of the Colonial style of decorating of the time. Fostoria began it's version of Coin glass in the 1950's and continued to make Coin glass until 1982.

Above are two wonderful examples of Amber Coin Glass, cake stand and matching candlesticks and a large covered candy jar. These can be found in the booth of our dealer who's business name is "Just Ducky".

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Currier & Ives

Currier & Ives was the longest running printing establishment, publishing over 7,ooo images over 73 years.

Nathaniel Currier at the age of 15 became an apprentice for the Pendleton Brothers (William & John) who owned the first lithographic house of America. John moved to Philadelphia and young Currier went with him. John than opened another shop in New York which he eventually sold to Currier and a man named Stodart. Not able to work well together Stodart left shortly after inception. The imprint of Currier & Stodart only appears on a handful of prints.

John Merritt Ives joined Currier as a bookkeeper. His knowledge of art and his ability to know what the public wanted made him indispensable to the firm. He was made a full partner. The most productive years were the three decades after 1850.

The firm specialized in handmade and handcolored prints.

The firm closed in 1907.

The above print is an example of Currier & Ives, "Little Daisy"

Friday, May 13, 2011

Stained Glass Windows

Stained glass windows are true pieces of art. We carry a large variety in different size, shapes and designs. If you are in the process of building a home or adding an addition consider using stained glass. It will add warmth, color and beauty to any room. Stop and look at our large selection and make sure you ask for assistance, many of our dealers offer stained glass and it can be found throughout our main building downstairs and upstairs and also in our annex.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Large Variety of Tools

O.k. ladies the guys complain that we never have any "guy" stuff in our store. Not anymore,in the front of the store we have a large showcase filled with "man stuff", knives, planes, levels, gauges, rules and so much more. Also there are all sorts of wonderful items scattered around the store. So bring your guy with you and remember Father's Day is around the corner, June 19th

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Thank You For Celebrating With Us

We would like to thank all our wonderful customers for joining us for our 45th anniversary celebration. It was so fun to have so many people stop in, many have been coming for years and for some this was their first visit. Even though the weather was damp and rainy we still had a wonderful day. What a thrill for Jim and Marianne Marino the owners of the store to be a part of such a wonderful day of celebration. We would also like to thank so many of our dealers who worked hard to make this day happen.

If you weren't able to join us please stop and shop with us in the future. We are a multi-dealer shop with a large variety of collectibles and antiques. We are always buying antiques and we can help you with all your estate needs. Look forward to being here for another 45 years.

Friday, April 29, 2011

Article About Our Store In The Pine Creek Journal

Here's a article about our store that was in the April 28, 2011 Pine Creek Journal written by Kyle Lawson.

Nearly 30 antique shops in the Wexford area have come and gone over the last 45 years, while the Wexford General Store remains open. It could be the deceivingly spacious interior, which includes about a dozen rooms and a wrap around balcony ont the second floor. Or it could be the keen business sense of past and present owners, said antique dealer Carole Michaels.

According to Tina and Michael Nagy of Ross Township, it's the "friendly atmosphere." On a recent Wednesday, the couple purchased a Chippendale chair, replicated from an original 18th century design, which should fit nicely with a collection of antiques handed down from Tina's grandmother. Originally from Oregon, the Nagy's were exploring the North Hills when they missed a turn onto Route 910 and discovered the rustic sign on Church Road reading "Wexford General Store." It's a common mistake that often results in business for the store, said dealer Sue Silverman.

Customers have remained loyal, purchasing items 30 years ago and now selling them back. Others have stopped in to share memories of buying penny candy as children. And there's the true buffs, who once were customers and now are standing on the other side of the counter. "One day I saw an empty room, and thought, I'm going to try this," said dealer Janet LeCornu.

Twenty dealers, some part-time and some full-time each profit from their own room, and spend one day each week helping where needed. The treasures they seek are harder to come by these days, as a result of online trading posts such as eBay and Craigslist, but computers are soulless, Michaels said. " On eBay, you're not feeling it and getting the history of it."

The store has their own website, but there's always questions that can only be answered with a trip to Wexford, where the real hunt begins, Silverman said. "People come in and have no idea what they want," Michaels said. "They don't really know what they want until they see it."

As the Nagy's paid for their chair last Wednesday, a 19th century trunk-resembling a once buried treasure chest-was being carried out the front door. Constructed in 1880, the trunk is one of many that were brought to the United States by immigrants. Int the next room, a pair of worn, leather 1941 flying gloves are displayed in a glass case, probably separated from the white scarf, leather helmet and bomber jacket typically worn by pilots of the era. Around the corner is a 19th century filing cabinet from the Armstrong County Courthouse.

Among the paperwork once stored in the tiny drawers probably was the name James Daugherty a stenographer and lawyer from Kittanning who invented the world's firs visible typewriter in 1881.

Even the history of the store is palpable, from the uneven, creaking floorboards to the musty scent that saturates damp, spring air on a rainy April afternoon. "It's not a fake smell," Michaels said, "It's a natural smell."

Each memento sparks an emotional connection between the living and the dead. Each day begins a new search for an interesting story, a beautiful piece of craftsmanship, or both.
For those who shop at the Wexford General Store antiques are a hobby, but for those who work there, antiquing is a lifestyle.

Monday, April 25, 2011

CountDown To 45 Anniversary Celebration

Just days away from our big 45th Anniversary celebration. We have the shop all cleaned up, we had a spot on KDKA, we have filled the store with wonderful treasures and now we are looking forward to all of you shopping with us, bringing your treasures for few appraisals, and hopefully winning one of our door prizes. Remember we also buy antiques so if you are ready to sell please bring them with you on May the 1st. Also if you have been left a loved ones estate and are overwhelmed we do run estate sales, let us step in and help you, talk to one of our dealers for more details or call the store and ask for Sue Silverman or Jim Thomas.

See you Sunday, May 1st 10-5

Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Easter To All Our Wonderful Customers

We would like to take this oppportunity to wish you all a wonderful, blessed Easter. We will be open Saturday from 10-5 for any of your last minute Easter Shopping.

KDKA TV interview with Dave Crawley

Click to view video

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

We Have Made The News, KDKA 6:00, April 20th

What a fun and exciting day, we had a camera man and Dave Crawley from KDKA news spend a couple hours taking pictures and information about the store. We have been planning our 45th anniversary gala on May the 1st and in preparation some of the dealers have been contacting various papers and news station. Well Carole Michaels hit the gold mine, her e-mail to KDKA got us a call from Dave Crawley. Marianne and Jim Marino's the owners of the store were able to give a interview sharing history and memories of the store. Keep watch, in a few days we will have a direct link to KDKA and we will be able to view the video.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday Night Cleanup, Preparing for the 45th Anniversary

Tonight some of our wonderful dealers gave up their evening and worked hard to clean and organize the store in preparation of our 45th Anniversary Gala. After a dinner of vegetables, fish, cookies and pie everyone got hard to work sweeping and cleaning. A special thank you to Carole, Sue & Clay, Jim & Melanie, Trisha & Pete, both Kathy's (Rtl & PW) and Sue S and of course our owners Jim & Marianne. You can see Pete hard at work cleaning the store and this is after he worked the store all day, he's one of the giving dealers who always steps up to help. Please plan to stop by on May the 1st and help us and the Marino's celebrate 45 years at this wonderful historical store filled with interesting antiques and equally interesting dealers. We will have a fun filled day with food and sales and a free appraisals for your special treasures. Please come and join us for our special day.

Clay Taking a well deserved break

The Friday night cleanup brought Mr. Clay to our store to help as usual. Always willing to do whatever he can to pitch in. We sure appreciate all your help. Stop by on May the 1st and meet Clay and his wife Sue and see all their wonderful antiques and take a look at Clay's forge work.

Marianne Marino 45 Years of Antiques

Marianne Marino co-owner of the store here with her rag and gloves working hard to get the store ready to celebrate 45 years of selling antiques. So much of the success of the store besides the antiques and the wonderful dealers has been Jim and Marianne Marino who always try to give and do their best for the store and all the dealers. They are both really nice, special people who should be very proud of their success. They were one of the first antique stores in the area and they are now one of the last. Please plan on stopping by on May the 1st and meet these two special people and shop their wonderful store.

Farm Fresh Getting Ready for the Big Celebration

Here's Jo-Ann working hard as usual to get her space looking it's very best. Jo-Ann has a real talent for decorating, making all her pieces look interesting and special. We appreciate that you were willing to give your time tonight and help get the store looking it's best. Stop by on May the 1st and meet Jo-Ann and take a look at her interesting mix of antiques and shabby chic.

Jim Marino & Two Really Dedicated People

Jim Marino owner of the store taking a break from the Friday night cleanup with two special ladies who gave up their night to help get the store sparkling and clean. Beside Jim is Kathy Sober who spend time this afternoon working to clean the store, left and than came back this evening, that's dedication and we really appreciate all the time you gave today. Also in the photo is the always sweet and extremely helpful Trisha, always one of the people we can count on.

Jim has worked so hard for 45 years to make this the best store for his dealers and his customers. He is a kind caring man, always willing to help anyone he can. Jim is differently the back bone of this store and we all owe him a large thank you for all he does. Congratulations to Jim and Marianne Marino for 45 years!

Three Very Special Ladies

Here are three ladies who aren't afraid of hard work, they all worked really hard tonight to get the shop looking it's best for our gala. A special thanks to the cute red head in the front of the picture who has volunteered her time to plan a lot of the gala celebration and who organized the event tonight including ordering and picking up the dinner. Thanks Carole! Great job. Thank you Melanie and Sue for all your hard work tonight and always stepping up to contribute to the store.

Sue and Carole are sisters and share the business of antiques under the name of Old Friends.They have been at the store for a long time, they both love the store and love antiques and they put a lot of time and effort into their business. They have both been a valuable part of the store always willing to give their time and energy for the benefit of the store. Please stop on May the 1st and meet these special sisters.

Jim & Melanie Thomas Always Willing to Help

Jim and Melanie two of the hardest working dealers in the store. Jim has also been at the store for a really long time, through good and bad times. This really special couple have been part of making and keeping this store operating at it's best. They have sold some of the best antiques and they are always the first ones to contribute their time and hard work for the best of the store. We truly appreciate all you have done now and through the years. Please stop by on May the 1st and meet this special couple and shop their booth for some wonderful treasures.

History of Silhouettes

Miniature portraits were extremely expensive for the ordinary person so "Shade" portraits were a wonderful alternative. Silhouettes were originally called Profile Shades or Shadows by the English, the French coined the term La Silhouette, eventually this term stuck and carries forward to today. Antique Silhouettes may be found in 4 general forms:(1) Painted on paper, card, vellum, ivory, silk or porcelain. (2) Painted in reverse on glass. (3) Hollow cut, usually with the aid of a machine, in this process the figure is cut away from the paper, thereby leaving a negative image. (4) Cut free hand with scissors or knives than pasted to a contrasting background. The above photo is a wonderful example of a historical figure (Andrew Jackson) painted on silk.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Come peek into our front window and you will find a wonderful example of a Mission Oak three shelf trough top bookcase, circa 1920's. This bookcase is part of the Arts & Crafts movement which came to be around the turn of the century due to protest of the Victorian Era. After so many years of heavy overly decorated Victorian furniture, designers hoped to bring clean line furniture that highlighted the beauty of natural wood that would work in any home. Come shop our store and find many wonderful, beautiful pieces of oak furniture.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Spring is here! There are so many items around the Wexford General Store to help you plan for the sunshine when it finally arrives here in Pittsburgh. We have vintage furniture, benches, chairs for your porches and decks. We have crocks, planters, plant stands and so much more to decorate your outdoor spaces.

In the photo:

Is an old Country Store seed display offered by His & Hers Antiques. The wood case folds up for the salesmans portability. It is on wheels and has over 180 seed packets.

Inventory changes plan to stop in and enjoy the unique shopping expereience.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

You don't want to miss this special day at the store.............

Monday, February 21, 2011

Springtime Doll House

Tired of the fallen snow and looking for something fun to do? This doll house in His & Hers room is ready for creative input. Paint and stencil, make curtains and wall hangings. It is loaded with furniture just waiting to be decorated by loving hands for long lasting memories.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine's Day

Are you planning to give your Sweetheart Jewelry? We have many treasures to choose from in the Shop. Please stop by and check out our jewels!

And ...

For your Valentine's Day flowers we have many pretty Vases to choose from.