Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Currier & Ives

Currier & Ives was the longest running printing establishment, publishing over 7,ooo images over 73 years.

Nathaniel Currier at the age of 15 became an apprentice for the Pendleton Brothers (William & John) who owned the first lithographic house of America. John moved to Philadelphia and young Currier went with him. John than opened another shop in New York which he eventually sold to Currier and a man named Stodart. Not able to work well together Stodart left shortly after inception. The imprint of Currier & Stodart only appears on a handful of prints.

John Merritt Ives joined Currier as a bookkeeper. His knowledge of art and his ability to know what the public wanted made him indispensable to the firm. He was made a full partner. The most productive years were the three decades after 1850.

The firm specialized in handmade and handcolored prints.

The firm closed in 1907.

The above print is an example of Currier & Ives, "Little Daisy"

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